For those who says that the best things in life are the simplest. We dedicate a few hours of the day to contemplate the exuberant beauty of the sunset, in an environment completely surrounded by nature, good music, contemporary drinks , high level gastronomy and a surreal energy with a unique and unsurpassed view, 196 feets above sea level. We are waiting for you to enjoy this moment with us! 
And when the sun sets...

The magic continues! We started the Sunset Day Party, based on beach parties on the bathing islands in Spain! Of course, with an incredible infrastructure, beautiful people, a unique style of parties that only Toca do Morcego has. Here you will find scenographic and themed stages completely linked to the vibe of high-level international music, creating a unique environment.



Toca do Morcego is the ideal place for you who want to have fun with the crowd after spending an incredible day at the beach, sun and sea.

Here we have the hottest night parties you can find in Morro.

Starting after midnight - Usually on weekends - With unique performances by artists from all over the world and a structure for high level events to create a nightclub with a dance stage and incredible energy! The place is filled with LEDs and effects with the best VIBE.

We also have artistic and musical excellence for luxurious parties. All carefully thought out for you to enjoy it in a much more intense way. To top it off we have a great contemporary cocktail and excellent gastronomic options. Your party will be memorable and you will hardly want to leave :) One of the most incredible moments of your trip, only here at Toca do Morcego!